Inferno became the most popular card in the professional scene in the first half of 2020

Participants in CS: GO tournaments most often chose Inferno in matches of the first half of 2020. Statistics provided by betway esports.

Nuke, the second most popular map, played 233 matches against 255 on Inferno. Dust2 closed the top three with 226 picks. The most unclaimed were Train, Vertigo and Overpass – their teams were chosen from 127 to 167 times.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in early spring, the organizers canceled all LAN tournaments, including the Major in Rio de Janeiro. All competitions have been moved online, where the teams compete for RMR points, which are needed to get to the next Major, which was postponed to November.

The most popular cards in the first half of 2020:
Inferno – 255 picks;
Nuke – 233 picks;
Dust2 – 226 picks;
Mirage – 189 picks
Train – 167 picks;
Vertigo – 131 pickes
Overpass – 127 picks.

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