“I try my best to get back in shape” – GuardiaN about the chances of a match with EG and the game style of NAVI

In the quarter finals you will meet Evil Geniuses, who have already been beaten in Denmark. How would you rate the chances of NAVI in this matchup?

EG is a very good team, but I think we are stronger. It seems to me that everything will come down to an individual skill. Now I am trying my best to get back in shape, and if I play at least at the level that I showed on the last two cards with Heroic, we will have good chances to pass it. But if we make mistakes, we will be punished, as it was on Nuke with Heroic: the Danes played well, but we made so many mistakes … If this happens again, we will be punished even harder. You need to give 100% and be very careful.

Boombl4 said that you had a serious sore throat with fever. Its OK now?

More or less. I still have trouble sleeping, I don’t know if something else is sitting in me: at night I sleep only one or two hours. Now I can do nothing about it, just tune in properly and try to show the maximum. I feel that I am still limited in possibilities. I hope that in the near future everything will be formed.

How do you psychologically deal with piled up difficulties?

The last six months or a year have been unsuccessful for me. But there are many examples from traditional sports: for example, Djokovic had difficult times. When he broke up with his first coach, he lost tournament after tournament, but when he returned him, he began to win. Everyone has difficult periods in his career, you need to survive it. After EPICENTER I will not go on vacation, right after Christmas I will work to return to the top level.

My goal in 2020 is to enter the top ten best players in the world. The team supports me a lot: teammates see me playing every day until late in the evening and try to figure out why I am haunted by failures. I end up in the FPL, but not in official matches. I’m really trying. I hope everything will be fine after the break.

How do you like the system that B1ad3 builds?

It’s too early to judge how good she is. I think it’s good that the team plays in a more structured way, and not randomly, when it all depends on whether you made a kill or not. Before that, I could run out to mid Inferno and try to find a frag, B1ad3 tries to avoid such situations. I think this will work in the long run, but it takes time.

Can you compare YNk, starix and B1ad3 as trainers?

Starix was more of an analyst, he watched the demo and parsed the game of rivals. YNk tried to teach players what is and is not worth doing, he believed that this is the right approach in working with players. I’m not sure how right this is: it’s always easy to say that you shouldn’t do something because you died nine times out of ten because of this, but to teach the players now … Maybe this will work with young players, but those who play for 10-15 years, they know what they like and dislike, what works and what doesn’t. Because of this, conflicts may arise between the coach and the player. But in general, he analyzed his rivals well and offered interesting ideas, but they did not always work. B1ad3 does everything: he understands the players, parses the game of opponents, invents rounds. This is a full-fledged trainer who points out mistakes and says what is and is not worth doing. Players have something to learn from him, yet he was a professional player, played in majors.


In the future, B1ad3 will be a very successful mentor compared to starix and YNk.

We will move a little away from NAVI and return to the times of FaZe. You mentioned that the last year at FaZe was a waste of time. Why? We didn’t have such that we didn’t train or try to win, but every two or three months we had a new player, and because of this there was no time to train all the cards. From time to time in the team someone was dissatisfied with someone, so we changed players – this was a waste of time. It wasn’t such that we simply sat on a salary of, say, $ 50 thousand and didn’t train – no, we trained a lot. But for some reason, nothing grew together, I was dissatisfied with several decisions, after which they decided to leave me. I’m not mad at anyone, everyone needs a change, everything is fine between us.


Do you think that NiKo has the potential to become a top in-game leader?
I think NiKo understands the game very well, but this is not enough to lead the team along. He’s not bad, I won’t say that his calls are bad, but it seems to me that he still lacks the confidence and reading of his opponent: if he works on this, he will become a good in-game leader. I don’t know how things are now, but when I was on the team, I felt that he was missing something. In general, he can at least be considered a good Tier-2 in-leader leader, he will become closer to Tier-1 if he works on himself.

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