“I see no reason to consider MAD Lions the favorite of the match” – predictions of Petr1k and leniniw for the meeting within DreamHack

Analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik and commentator Konstantin leniniw Sivko gave predictions for the match between MAD Lions and Team EndPoint within the DreamHack Open Summer 2020 CS: GO group stage for Europe. They agreed that the victory in the confrontation will be won by the team of Robin robiin Sjogren.

Petr1k noted that both teams have chances to win the match, but EndPoint stands out from the opponent’s background due to confident play in the meeting with BIG.

“I see no reason to consider MAD Lions the favorite of the match: both teams have their weak points, both are far from being the most stable, so anything can happen in their match. Bookmakers, for some reason, give preference to Danes. I see no reason to do this, so I’ll leave my prediction at Endpoint: they showed themselves well in the game against the best team in the world, but the MAD Lions have not shown anything special in the “dream hack” yet. “

Leniniw also thinks EndPoint has a better chance of winning. In his opinion, the team lost the match against BIG due to excitement.

leniniw Sivko:
“Endpoint showed themselves very well in the debut match, losing it, as it seemed to me, exclusively from a psychological point of view (taking the first one, Endpoint almost put the squeeze on the second because of excitement and lost to BIG with a score of 2: 1). But this match showed that the British did not waste their time in vain, they have very good preparation for the tournament. In my favorite column, Form on HLTV Endpoint has the best score. “

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