“I never tilt harder than after this bo3” – Heroic did not clear the bomb at match point and lost the meeting

In a CS: GO DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 group stage match for CS: GO, Heroic made a ridiculous mistake in match point, which lost the meeting. The moment happened in a confrontation with G2 Esports.

The match went on to three victories: Nuke took the Casper team cadiaN Möller (16:13), and then lost to Vertigo (13:16) – everything was decided on Mirage.

The incident occurred at a score of 15:13 in favor of the Danish team. Heroic killed all the enemies, it remained only to clear the bomb: Nikolay niko Christensen took up the diffuse, but at the last moment he released the necessary button. The esportsman did not have diffuse whales, so he decided that there wasn’t enough time. Subsequently, it also turned out that during the point retake niko could pick up the whales, but did not. As a result, the team lost the round, and then lost in overtime.

After the game, cadiaN tweeted:
“I never tilt harder than after bo3.”

Interestingly, G2 Esports itself found itself in a similar situation. You can watch the video here.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 runs online from May 19 to June 14. Participants, including Natus Vincere and Team Spirit, are playing $ 160 thousand

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