HuNter about G2 Esports: “It’s important not only to play, but also to take time to other activities”

A member of the G2 Esports CS: GO roster Nemanja huNter Kovacs spoke about the unusual bootcamp that the roster held at the Red Bull headquarters. In an interview with, the esportsman admitted that the team has developed a new approach to training, which is not only practice, and also stated that the team does not set long-term goals, but prefers to focus on current tasks.

“At the Red Bull bootcamp, we did a lot of sports, learned to focus and defocus, to flex our mind and body before games and training. A nutritionist worked with us who told me what to eat and what not to eat, how to find the right time to eat before games. Professional athletes do the same. For another three or four days there was a mental trainer who worked with us one by one, and also gave advice when we got together. It was an unusual bootcamp: for the first time we didn’t spend all our time playing games, but doing other things. Everything went very productively. “

According to huNter, training only in CS is not a guarantee of success:

“You have to play as usual, but it’s difficult to spend ten hours at the computer, as we did before. This was the case in Valiance, CR4ZY and at first in G2, later we realized that it is important not only to play, but also to devote time to other activities. It’s not easy to get up at 10:00 am and play until 9:00 pm every day. It will pay off for a couple of days, and then you get tired of CS, so it’s good to do something else. Playing to stay fit is important, but you can get better with more than just your time in CS. “

G2 Esports does not think much about the major and even winter events, but focuses on urgent tasks, Kovacs admitted:

“We do not have specific goals, we are one of those teams that live in the present and see what they have to do – and this is what we focus on. At the moment it is ESL One Cologne. We don’t think much about the future, about the major, the events to be played in December, what will happen next year, etc. Our goal is to be as stable as possible online, this is a serious challenge. “


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