HObbit: “Gambit Youngsters was my chance to come back”

Gambit Esports CS: GO player Abai HObbit Khasenov spoke about the difficulties he faced when he joined the Gambit Youngsters roster. In an interview with Daniil Zeus Teslenko’s channel, he admitted that he became depressed due to criticism in social networks, but thanks to the support of the team, he was able to regain his former shape and mood.

“At Gambit Youngsters I saw a chance to come back and prove myself. Let’s be honest, before that there was a period when I failed … I went to Winstrike, played the role of captain there. I spent half a year in Kazakhstan, where I showed not my best performance. The Gambit Youngsters team was a chance for me to come back and fix my mistake.

After the transition, I did not go to social networks for two months. That’s serious. The community can crush and crush a person. It’s true. Cyberbullying – it takes place, and I am very susceptible to it. Because of this, I played very badly and insecurely … We have our own psychologist, our own people who helped me. The team helped a lot. The guys are young, but they believed in me. They understood that sooner or later it will give a positive result. To date, everything has been confirmed and will be confirmed, I am sure.

At some point I was really on tilt, I was depressed, but now I am so happy that it is simply beyond words. ”

HObbit joined Gambit Youngsters in July 2020 as the sixth player. Subsequently, he took a place in the starting lineup, replacing Anton supra Chernobay.

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