HObbit about Gambit Esports: “Now we act as underdogs, and it’s always easier”

Gambit Esports player Abai HObbit Khasenov speculated about the team’s prospects for DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 CS: GO. After defeating Complexity Gaming and reaching the playoffs of the tournament, he said that while the roster is playing catch-up and it is not known how the situation will change in the main stage of the competition.

HObbit also noted that his team deserved to defeat Complexity because they worked hard for the past six months:

“Now we are just in good shape, the atmosphere in the team is excellent, everyone is very confident in their abilities. We have been working with this squad for six months, so we deserve this victory. The team did their best. We play a lot. There was a month when we had no days off at all. “

Khasenov added that Gambit Esports still lacks the experience of playing at major tournaments. In his opinion, this may affect the playoffs:

“Of course we want to win this tournament, but we don’t have a lot of experience playing at this level. It seems that this is the first championship of this kind for us. Let’s see how it goes. Playing in the playoffs against such strong teams is always very exciting.


It’s always about confidence. By experience, I mean confidence in emotionally difficult matches. I don’t know how we will play in the playoffs. We are now acting as underdogs, which is always easier. “

Gambit Esports defeated Complexity Gaming with a score of 2: 0 and advanced to the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 playoffs. Benjamin blameF Bremer’s team will continue their fight for the next stage in the match against FaZe Clan.

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