HLTV has recognized the 19-year-old Russian as one of the most promising CS: GO players

The HLTV portal dedicated an article in the cycle One for the future to the Russian CS: GO player Abdul degster Hasanov, who plays for ESPADA. Thus, the journalists recognized the esports player as one of the most promising in the discipline.

The article said that degster got acquainted with Counter-Strike at the age of six, and in 2012 discovered CS: GO – and initially abandoned the game for a whole year, because he could not figure out how to change the position of the weapon on the screen.

Degster said that initially he spent a lot of time in Dota 2, where he reached 5K MMR. As a result, Hasanov abandoned MOBA, because he began to notice that the game had a bad effect on him – degster became more angry and cursing, he did not like it.

The average rating of a 19-year-old player for 280 played cards at the professional level is 1.25. On average, he makes 0.81 frags per round, and his ADR is 81.3. Hasanov also wins over 60% of one-on-one clutches.

One for the future is a series of HLTV.org articles about promising esportsmen. Previously, the portal devoted materials to ZywOo, CeRq, poizon, Jamppi and other players – long before their international recognition.

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