“He’s just an analyst, who can’t give a shit about them?” HUNDEN responded harshly to Caster’s criticism

Tricked Esport CS: GO captain Nikolai HUNDEN Petersen responded to criticism from analyst and ex-player Jacob Pimp Vinneche, who called Petersen a “trash player” on one of the streams. In an interview with HLTV.org, HUNDEN said that Pimp did not want to take on any top Danish team.


“I can only say one thing: when Pimp returned home from Liquid, he asked for North, OpTic Gaming and Heroic, but everyone refused him. So, maybe it’s trash that can’t do anything else? He’s just an analyst, who can’t give a shit about them? ”

Pimp reacted with humor to Petersen’s words and specified that he had in mind only the individual game of the Dane, but appreciated his captain’s skills and the ability to reveal young talents. Captain Tricked, too, did not develop the conflict, saying he did not hate Pimp.

Tricked Esports performs at the V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2019. In the first match of Group A, HUNDEN beat Virtus.pro. In a meeting for reaching the playoffs, the Danes will fight with the winner in the pair of mousesports – E-RIVALS.

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