HEN1 left the main roster of FURIA

Brazilian CS:GO player Enrique HEN1 Teles has been transferred to the reserve squad of FURIA Esports. The cybersportsman decided to leave the team and put together a new roster, in which he will be able to play together with his brother – Lucas LUCAS1 Teles.

This was announced by the Co-CEO of the club Andre Akkari. Akkari clarified that he had known for a long time about HEN1’s desire to play in the same team with his brother, so he did not interfere with the departure of the Brazilian, who previously entered the top 16 best players in the world according to HLTV.org. The head of FURIA noted that the club had received an offer to buy out Teles’ contract for an amount of about 10% of that specified in the contract. Despite this, Akkari accepted him, and now the player himself will make the decision on the transfer.

The publication also indicates that LUCAS1 and Vito kNgV-Giuseppe, with whom HEN1 intends to play, have already joined the new organization. Previously, cybersportsmen represented MIBR. HEN1 has played for FURIA since September 2019. With him, the team for the first time in history entered the top 3 of the world HLTV rating. The 2020th team finished in the top six.

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