Hard4U captain comments on unfair play in match against NAVI Junior

Hard4U team captain Ilya Heyz1ng Kutsak responded to allegations of unfair play in a closed qualifier match at LOOT.BET/CS S7 against Natus Vincere Junior. In an interview with UCC, he noted that he always plays in an aggressive style, and also examined in detail every suspicious moment of the meeting.

“Everyone knows that I play aggressively. If I shoot, I’ll never leave — I will say my best until the last, trying to shoot the enemy. I have a game style like this. And what people see and say: “Wow, damn it, he shoots through smoke, he has cheats” – this is nonsense. <…> This is not like haters, but little children who bet money, lost and started to scream. This is normal, I think – it always has been. I don’t worry at all. ”

Heyz1ng said that in the 2v3 situation on Inferno, he understood how NAVI players would act in this moment, and information from teammates, the actions of opponents and the trace of blood on the wall helped him calculate their positions.

“Before this, hiji went to the plant, killed one player – he gave the info that the enemy is in the plant. Koshak died near the “sands” – said the “sands” had occupied. I understood that they would not be worn, take some risky positions. I began to look at the closest to me where they could kill me from – I see Topa creeping in, getting into it. I think that since he did not go left, he remained behind the box – I shot through the box and killed him.

If you remember when we went to overtime, I sat in the same position in the “sands”. I shoot there – blood drops on the wall. I see that I’ve hit, and I understand that he will either get up to shoot, or crawl to the side. I shot to the side because he did not get up. “I was already aggressively picking at the last, while my teammate went on the bomb.”

Heyz1ng explained killing kapacho on a “banana” through smoke because he knew how NAVI defended this position. According to Captain Hard4U, the sounds of footsteps helped him in this and the subsequent kill. In the situation of killing two players through smoke on Dust2, he stated that he was just lucky. “I decided to flash it into a smokey, and it turned out that I killed them – it happens, it’s normal. People jump and kill in clutches, and then just shot in the smoke. What is this? ” – said Kutsak.

On June 8, Hard4U defeated NAVI Junior in closed qualifiers at LOOT.BET/CS Season 7 and received a slot in the main stage. After completing the qualification, insider Guillaume neL Canelo drew attention to the performance of the Russian team. He noted that before the start of the match against LDLC, the odds for the winner changed sharply in favor of Hard4U. Presumably, this was due to the fact that the composition uses cheats, but the journalist did not directly blame the team. NAVI CEO Evgeny Zolotarev also called the situation suspicious.

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