Hard Legion Team Remains RMR Points After Coaching Scandal

Hard Legion Esports CS: GO player Svyatoslav svyat Dovbakh wrote that the team continues to prepare for the qualifiers for the Major. According to him, after the scandal with their coach, who used a camera bug in official matches, rating points were not removed from the team. Dovbakh wrote about this on VKontakte.

“Guys, in major: at the moment the situation is such that no one has taken PMP points and no one has disqualified us from the 3rd PMP tournament. Therefore, we are already playing and training, and with a new coach. We plan to show a good result and advance to Major. Thank you for staying with us! ps coach’s announcement on the trail. week “.

Earlier, ESL representatives reported that for using a bug, Hard Legion Esports will lose their third place at ESL One: Road to Rio for the CIS, where the team earned $ 6,000 and 1,400 RMR points.

Ukrainian player Serhiy starix Ishchuk may take over as a coach in the Hard Legion Esports CS: GO team. This was told by insider Alexey OverDrive Biryukov on Twitter. The organization did not officially confirm this information, however, the player of the squad Svyatoslav svyat Dovbakh previously said that the team is already working with a new mentor.

Past Hard Legion coaches have been kicked out of the team for using a camera bug in official matches. Because of this fraud, the team is supposed to remove some of the earned RMR points, but ESL has not yet done so.

Recently, starix has been actively talking about the situation with the camera bug, which, according to him, he first encountered four years ago. The Ukrainian esportsman also recalled the situation with Robin flusha Ronquest, who was accused of using cheats at LAN tournaments. Ischuk is sure that Valve knew about this, but was afraid to ban the eminent esports player so as not to stir up a scandal.

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