Hard Legion put Krad on a transfer – he is the second to leave the team after the scandal with the coaches

Hard Legion Esports transferred Vladislav Krad Kravchenko to the CS: GO roster reserve and put the cybersports player on the transfer. This is the second player to leave the roster after the scandal with the coaches – earlier the club parted ways with Dmitry rAge Bolotov.

The Russian organization clarified that it broke up with the player by mutual agreement. Krad was part of the original DreamEaters lineup, which was signed to Hard Legion a year ago. With the team, he attended the Berlin Major, finished second in the first Nine to Five tournament and won several online championships.

Four players remain in the Hard Legion. In addition to Semyon kinqie Lisitsyn, Igor Forester Bezotecheskiy and captain Svyatoslav svyat Dovbakh, the team includes Anton DrobnY Fractional, which is taking place during the HL test period.

Earlier, Hard Legion coach Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyrev was caught in the repeated use of a bug that allowed him to track opponents. He was banned for three years at major events. The organization parted ways with its mentor, and in his place was taken by Sergey starix Ishchuk, who, as it turned out later, also used an exploit, for which he was banned for ten months. Nevertheless, the club decided to continue working with the ex-Natus Vincere member.

Hard legion esports
DrobnY (trial period)

Krad (inactive)
starix (coach)

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