Guide into the world of eSports gambling

Steam – service digital distribution of computer games and software, owned by Valve, a well-known developer of computer games.

The most popular of these games (in particular the Counter Strike: Global Offensive) provide in-game items, which can be bought for real money. The main interest lies in the fact that in addition to purchasing items, users can freely exchange.

These factors led to the formation of multiple Gambling resources – virtual casino in which real people play and earn.

And all this is absolutely legal. All winnings shall be issued in the form of in-game currency. A virtual items have a price only within

So what does it mean then, and how can you earn?

In addition to the formation of casino gaming on the basis of CS GO items, a huge number of trading sites appeared on the field, where, without any problems, you able to purchase or sell CS GO items for real money.

Why is gambling on items CS: GO safe?

Any CS: GO casino sites using Steam API, which greatly simplifies the process of reception and delivery of items.

Steam-api does not transmit your Steam account personal information.

What is a Steam account and how do you create it?

1.Use link – and click “Join Steam”

Next step  – fill those fields then click continue.

2.After registration you must activate the e-mail.

Download the Steam app for PC – click the Install Steam on the top right corner of the screen

Run the downloaded file – follow the instructions on the screen.

Above, on a green background is the text “confirm the e-mail”
2016-09-19_16-00-483.After confirming you have to sign out and log back in to activate occurred Steam Guard.

In order to get out – click on your username at the top right of the screen, then select – change user

4.Next – you must download Steam application on your smartphone, and log in to your account. Download here:

5.After installing the application – choose the top left corner of the item ‘Steam Guard’ -> “Add authenticator”. In this step, enter your mobile phone and wait for SMS.

2016-09-19_16-01-486.Enter the code that you got by the SMS, and be sure you have saved it \ type down restoration code (it looks like this – RXXXX, where XXXX – randomly generated number) 2016-09-19_16-02-407.That’s it. After 15 days you will be able to exchange game items with other players \ buy \ sell items and bid on CSGOFAST.COM!
P.S. If you want to have access to the Marketplace, you need to buy any game, which cost at least $ 5.

Where to Play?

First of all, take a look at how to pass authorization on sites that use Steam API.

A typical form of authentication keys:2016-09-19_16-03-47However, there is only one reason – to redirect the user to the login page Steam, then back to the site.

The first site – the online casino The site provides a platform for games where you can make bets with CS: GO items, this site exists for more than 1 year. On presented 4 types of gambling and shop to perchase CS GO items
How to start game

Classic game – the amount of your bet is directly proportional to the chances of winning.

Fast game – the same principle as in the Classic game, except for the presence of restrictions on the size of the rates and the number of players. Suitable for beginners.

Double game – a classic roulette game using coins. Coins exchanged for skins and vice versa.

Where to buy / sell items CS: GO

The most active and visited resource to buy and sell CS: GO items

Get acquainted with the resource work priciples here:




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