Goodbye Krieg

Did you miss the talk about meta? Valve again gave occasion to debate: finally, the nerf got the SG553, from 1.6 times known everywhere as Krieg. It is possible that the ESL Pro League Season 11 will be the last tournament where this rifle was regularly bought by teams.

However, in Europe they began to abandon it even before the nerf: judging by statistics, the teams bought it less often than the AK-47, and SG did not, and the second – it was ahead of the M4. In America, the situation is different: SG still rules the ball. What is more interesting, American teams began to play more often with Galil and FAMAS, while Europeans from these two rifles buy only the one that is available in defense.

It is very interesting how now the teams will adapt to the meta with weakened SG, cheaper M4A1 and buffered Desert Eagle and Tec-9. On some teams this can affect very seriously. Fnatic immediately comes to mind, where Ludwig Brollan Brolin, in fact, made his name and reputation precisely due to the filigree performance with SG. By the way, on the EPL he became MVP in the European division. And what did the rest show?

Which players dragged?
For example, in Europe, many players outperformed Brollan in average. Cool looked ropz, niko, s1mple, device, KRiMZ. Of those who flew out at an early stage – huNter, Plopski and KennyS.

There were also disappointments. Already once again terribly played olofmeister. Among our worst were Perfecto, flamie, AdreN, SANJI and chopper. To make you understand, even karrigan passed them by rating.

In America, everything seems to be mundane. EliGE became the best, in good shape NAF and kscerato, and among veterans he was surprised by jkaem: the 26-year-old Norwegian entered the top 5 by rating, ahead of stars such as jks, Twistzz and CeRq

The worst were two MIBR players – TACO and the Argentinean meyern, who had high hopes. Alas, the MIBR finally lost the status of the Counter-Strike elite.

What’s next?
ESL Pro League has clearly demonstrated the balance of power in the global Counter-Strike at the moment. It was at the tournament from ESL that all the best teams of the world performed, so the layouts in the long-suffering FLASHPOINT Season 1 are not so interesting.

In general, top teams have confirmed their status, and outsiders could not jump above their heads. It seems that similar results can be expected at the first qualifying tournament for the major – ESL One: Road to Rio, which will begin on April 22.

So far, it can be stated that a big six teams have formed in Europe, one of which is likely to win the next major – Astralis, NAVI, G2, mousesports, FaZe and Fnatic. In America, Liquid, EG and 100 Thieves look better than the rest, but what they show in games with Europeans is a big question.

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