“God help me at point B” – everyone is shocked by the last patch in CS: GO

On January 30th, Valve released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With it, the players had more options for scattering at points B on Dust2 and A on Train, and now you can jump into the window on Mirage yourself. The community reacted with humor to the changes, but someone found the patch inappropriately radical. Opinions – in the selection Cybersport.ru.

TACO: “God help me at point B.”

Anders: “This is a change in skybox … Pray for your friends who are holding B.”

nitr0:”How dare they change Dust2?”

Twistzz: “I was hoping Dust2 would get closer to the classic version. I think this will bring balance, and retake B will no longer be an impossible task. In addition, several players can expect rekeys through the tunnel. ”

Magisk: “I don’t know yet why update B. is so good. Let’s see what happens. It’s always easy to say “all is bad” until you try it yourself. Maybe this will help the defense. ”

kioShiMa: “Good luck to everyone who holds B on Dust2. You’ll have to deal with crazy exits, smokeys at each exit, hammer and flash drives that will blind you for 20 seconds. ”

Professeur: “Changing Dust2 is complete rubbish. No aggression or retake of the tunnel on B will help the defense on the map, where there are the longest hauls. The tunnel cannot become the same “banana”, because there are other timings on Dust2 and you need to cover a lot.

Even if the tunnel were like a “banana”: protection can fight for a “banana” because the rush A on Inferno is ineffective, and at the beginning of the round you can send three or four players to B. It will be very risky on Dust2, because you always need to be wary of short or long rush. Now Dust2 will become one big adventure? “

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