Gla1ve proposed to change the format of overtime in CS: GO

Astralis captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander, who went inactive in May, proposed a new format of extra time for professional CS: GO matches. According to the player, the duration of overtimes could be reduced if the teams began to switch sides after each round. The cybersportsman shared his idea on Twitter.

“Do you think it makes sense to do something with the overtime format? If teams were to switch sides every round, would that probably reduce the number of matches in which teams have to play three extra halves?

It seems to me that teams, spectators and tournament operators would benefit from this. Do you have any ideas? “

Readers objected to gla1ve that in this case the overtimes would be more chaotic, but the esportsman noted that in ping-pong, tennis and badminton, participants also regularly change sides. Previously, a similar idea was suggested by analyst and commentator Chad SPUNJ Burchill.

In the comments to Rossander’s post, an alternative to overtime was suggested – 1v1 duels. According to the audience, this would make the championships more spectacular. Gla1ve in response admitted that it had already offered such a model to the organizers of the BLAST Pro Series – they did not support the initiative.

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