Gla1ve: “I consider players involved in the use of the bug, if they did not report otherwise.”

Astralis captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander spoke about the possible involvement of players in the use of a bug with a camera in CS: GO by their team coaches. According to the cybersportsman, the participants of such teams must publicly declare their innocence.

First of all, gla1ve turned to Heroic players, as this team was seen using a bug in the match against Astralis. In addition, he personally knows some of the members of the composition.

“Did the Heroic players deny that they knew about the use of the HUNDEN bug? I’m not saying that they knew about it, I just want to know what the members of the line-up said about the situation. If my coach played dishonestly and I did not know about it, then I would definitely publicly declare that he was not aware of the situation at all. ”

In response to these messages, gla1ve was sent a quote from former Heroic coach Nikolai HUNDEN Petersen from his banning statement for using the bug. Then he noted that the players were not aware of the situation.

“Why, if HUNDEN said that the players didn’t know anything, they themselves don’t say the same? They have no reason to remain silent about it. I consider the players involved in the use of the bug if they did not report that they did not know about the situation. Why don’t they want to clear their reputation and name? If they had spoken publicly, I would have believed each of them if they had not proved the opposite to me. ”

Representatives of Heroic did not answer gla1ve, however, FaZe Clan coach Yanko YNk Paunovich and analyst Jacob Pimp Winneche previously expressed a similar position. They noted that at least a few teams could not have been unaware of the use of the bug by their mentors.


The results of the investigation by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) were released on September 28. 37 coaches were found guilty of abuse of CS: GO vulnerability and were banned from ESL, DreamHack, BLAST and WePlay! for a period of several weeks to three years. Valve has disqualified Hard Legion Esports and MIBRs from the Intel Extreme Masters New York 2020 Regional Events. All RMR Points earned by them have been reset.

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