Future of E-sports and gambling

It has been a couple of weeks from the moment when Valve started ‘second wave’ of combating against the sites that provides an opportunity to bid items and I would like to consider how the sites at all reacted, and that Valve are doing and plan to do in the future to address this problem. There will also be affected by the question about the prospects of e-sports and betting on this very e-Sports.

First – as promised, Valve began to actively ban bots that been used to exchange items that definitely caused quite heavy damage to the work of such sites, the main difficulties were caused by the fact that these bots are constantly required in large amounts also to create bots require no small means and course time, although of these actions are not able to completely stop the operation of all sites. Second – betting sites have been banned or require them to remove this feature (to make bets), and there was such a csgo/dota2lounge.com

Now, following the example of US – Britain and some other countries have completely banned such sites with a few exceptions. For example in the UK operation of gambling sites is equivalent to the online casino, however, these sites need a license, which not so simple to get, by itself, none of them will not get such a license, most likely will take bets on cyber games are sites that who previously focused only on the classic sport, it’s just a matter of time. In general, e-sports is starting to look more like the normal sport: players have already signed contracts with organizations that creates obligations for both sides, tournaments are organized with great number of sponsors, great place for the main event usually prepared, if we’re talking about a major tournament is preparing almost the whole city, the prize fund for more than than in professional sport, a good example would be a call to The International and the last Football European championship, of course the total prize fund of the championship of Europe much more – 300 million dollars, TI – 22 million dollars. In fact the World Cup winner receives an award in the amount of total prize fund of TI. However, the progression of the first digits is significantly lower than that of e-sports as a whole. We are not surprised the tournament broadcast on television and the news about these events, and the most important e-sport is attracting more and more viewers and it is not only the younger generation, people in the middle and even to lay his age are beginning to actively explore this niche and actively monitor what is happening. As we know any sort of sport can’t exist without tote or gambling. Someday you will open onlinetote and the headline will be an esports game and you will hit the jackpot with a favorite team without a worryings of legit it is or not.

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