Friberg told about the successes after leaving Ninjas in Pajamas

Adam friberg Friberg commented on his results for his entire career in CS:GO. In an interview with VPEsports, he noted the period in Ninjas in Pajamas as the most successful, and also spoke about the unsuccessful experience in OpTic Gaming and work on the development of Heroic.

“I have come a long way. When CS: GO first appeared, it was all a bit simpler. Ninjas in Pajamas were very strong and were ahead of all other teams. Even at the end of our era, we remained at a high level. But in the end, the team stopped winning. Everyone, including me, felt that change was needed.

I needed a new setting. I remember how everything changed when I joined OpTic. Absolutely different team – I got the motivation to play. Of course, that international composition did not achieve high results. Probably, we needed more time and a couple of replacements.

In Heroic, for example, much has changed. I think we are on the right path, because for the last few months we have been playing better every day. It’s nice to see that every training session and performance is fruitful. This motivates plays even more, work harder. There is hope of reaching the playoffs. If we win the best teams in the group, why can’t we repeat it on stage? We set such goals before each tournament. ”

Friberg represented Ninjas in Pajamas from August 2012 to July 2017. With him, the team won at ESL One Cologne 2014, reached the finals of DreamHack Winter 2013, EMS One Katowice 2014, DreamHack Winter 2014 and ESL One Katowice 2015. After losing in the qualifiers for PGL Major Kraków 2017, Freiberg left NiP and joined OpTic Gaming, but after half a year he moved to Heroic.

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