FREAKAZOiD told what he was going to do after the dissolution of Ghost Gaming

Ryan FREAKAZOiD Abadir said he does not plan to resume his professional career in the near future. On a personal broadcast, the former Ghost Gaming player in CS: GO also compared the path of his team with the current achievements of FURIA eSports.

“FURIA is now in fifth place among the best teams in the world. When she collected the roster, our roster appeared at about the same time. We often trained against these players, played with them on the same qualifiers and constantly went hand in hand – they won, then we.

I often think about it: where they were, where they eventually came from. If we continued to develop our top five, it would be easy to enter the top 10 now. And this leads me only to the fact that, as a leader, I did everything right. The way we trusted and believed in each other, our solidarity was amazing.

Moving forward, I’m going to just stream and enjoy life. Now I have a kind of vacation, I will concentrate on personal broadcasts. Focusing on myself, instead of building something from scratch, instead of all this stress from the competitive scene. ”

Abadir represented the Ghost from January to June 2019. With the team, he took 3-4 place at iBUYPOWER Masters IV and finished in the top 5 at cs_summit 4. On June 11, the club dismissed the CS:GO squad – players will not continue to play together.

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