FPS drop and problems with streams – players complained about a new patch in CS: GO

On the night of July 9, Valve released a patch for CS: GO, in which it added a “trust” mode. According to the developers, it should help in the fight against cheaters. However, users stated that they encountered a number of technical issues after the update.

Posts appeared on reddit in which gamers complained about FPS drops and game freezes. Trust mode blocks any third-party software that interacts with CS: GO. Because of this, streamers will no longer be able to use game capture in OBS – they will have to broadcast from windowed mode. Some gamers have also stated that “trust” mode blocks performance-enhancing programs.

English-speaking CS: GO commentator James JZFB Bardolph also noted that the “trust” mode did not solve the problem with cheaters. He published a video in which he showed that an hour after the release of the update, he met a player in matchmaking using prohibited programs.

The authors of CS: GO said that the shooter will start in “trust” mode by default. The user can disable it by setting the -untrusted flag in the startup options. However, in this case, the player’s “trust score” may decrease – the developers did not explain what this would affect.

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