Former NAVI coach: “I have never used any prohibited programs and bugs”

Former Natus Vincere CS:GO coach Andrey Andi Prokhorov spoke out about the accusations of using the observer bug on the part of ESIC. In a post on TwitLonger, he called the commission’s position unreasonable and explained why he hadn’t disconnected from the server when he first encountered the bug in 2017.

According to Prokhorov, he did not know about the bug until the beginning of the proceedings in the summer of 2020. Andi suggested that in the match, where he allegedly used the vulnerability, he was not even at the computer, as he was watching the meeting from behind the players’ backs.

“It is absolutely normal practice for bootcamps, when the coach enters the server with the team, goes to the spectators, and then goes behind the backs to the players in order to look not at each one separately, but to see everyone in front of him.

I believe the following happened during that match: when I entered the spectators, somehow, the camera changed its position. The sixth computer at that base had a peculiarity – it stood with its back to the other five computers, that is, the one who went behind the backs to the players could not see what was happening on the monitor. Returning to the computer after the game, as usual, I left the server, because when the match ends and the teams left it, the camera flies anyway.

Thus, I did not even realize that some kind of “violation” took place, because I played behind the players’ backs. “

Andi added that he still did not watch the video evidence, but he knows that the camera on the recording was not controlled and showed only two angles from which it was impossible to obtain information. In addition, the NAVI roster lost that match and did not adjust to the enemy’s actions. Prokhorov also said that this was the first bootcamp attended by other employees of the organization, so he could not use the bug without attracting attention.

“Be that as it may, I think that the prosecution does not have sufficient grounds for judgment, let alone the charges. I have never used any prohibited programs, bugs, and moreover, on this basis, I have not voiced information to the players. I was annoyed to see my name on this list, but I hope, both in relation to me and in relation to other innocent coaches, the prosecution will consider each case more substantively. “

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