Former Luminosity Gaming squad disbanded

Former Luminosity Gaming players will disband the CS: GO roster and continue their careers in other teams. This was reported by Lucas steel Lopez on Twitter.

Lopez noted that such a decision was made due to unsatisfactory results and the lack of organization. Steel said that two clubs showed interest in the team, but the latest results are unlikely to allow them to get good conditions. Lopez also thanked the management of Complexity Gaming for allowing them to train at the club. Words about the dissolution of ex-Luminosity are also confirmed by Felippe skullz Medeiros.

Luminosity Gaming disbanded the CS: GO roster on September 12th. The organizers of the Esports Championship Series Season 8 allowed the team to keep the slot in the regular season, but the team lost the opening meetings in the first two series. Earlier, Joao felps Vasconcellos announced the departure from ex-Luminosity.

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