Former Hard Legion coach talks about firing from the team

Former CS-GO Hard Legion Esports coach Alexander zoneR Bogatyrev (MechanoGun) commented on the dismissal. He believes that the reason was his statements about the conditions of work in the club, and the reason was “violation of subordination” in communication with the head of the club Alexei Hard Play Baranov. requested comments from Yegor fuRy Morin club CEO.

According to zoneR, during one of the events where many Counter-Strike teams from the CIS participated, he expressed his opinion about working in Hard Legion and compared the club with the former team – DreamEaters:

“All players shared their thoughts, positive and negative aspects related to work. When asked about my organization, I honestly said the same thing that I said directly to Alexei – that this organization is not much different from our past, and in some respects the former org is even better (for example, that there was a house for bootcamp), as well as about the form – that our organization has not been able to make a normal form for eight months – and that, as a result, both organizations were basically identical. ”

Bogatyryov said that one of the participants in the event “in a distorted form” passed his words to Baranov. ZoneR believes that Hard Play did not understand the situation and “held a grudge.”

ZoneR also shared the details of the dismissal. An hour before playing with Natus Vincere on WePlay! Clutch Island Bogatyryov contacted Baranov to “discuss technical team issues.” After the conversation, Morin and Bogatyrev, the club’s CEO Yegor fuRy, were imposed a “10% fine,” as zoneR stated, “for violation of subordination, expressed in a direct appeal to the head of the organization.”

Bogatyryov mentioned that the organization’s participants had their own conference to discuss working issues, which included zoneR, fuRy, Hard Play, svyat and a girl “who turned out to be Alexey’s right hand”. After a fine, Bogatyryov left the conversation (later svyat also did it), and half an hour before the game with NAVI, the captain of the squad was informed that zoneR would no longer train the team.

After playing with NAVI, the participants in the conference reunited, but came to nothing. As zoneR mentioned, at some point he laughed, to which Baranov reacted: “Are you having fun? Then I officially announce the termination of our cooperation. ”

ZoneR expelled from Hard Legion on the night of June 25th. During a broadcast on Twitch, Baranov criticized Bogatyrev and stated that he acted “like a pig.”


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