Former Hard Legion coach on exclusion from the team: “It won’t get you anywhere.”

Former Hard Legion Esports coach Alexander zoneR Bogatyrev said that his departure from the team, most likely, will not help the development of the team. In an interview with UCC, Bogatyrev noted that his exclusion could have a positive effect on the roster, but players need to rethink their approach to CS: GO.

“The players calmly went through this situation, I think, even in a positive way – someone became calmer about their future, someone became more relaxed to play this game, someone became less angry. I think that this will only give the team a plus, but the incident is that I was not satisfied with many things in the team.

I wanted more from both the organization and the players, and to get the best result, you need to push and force everyone, sometimes even enrage, and all this happens at a distance through TeamSpeak. I know the ceiling of my former team, consistently entering the top 30 and jumping over your head will not always work, and to go even higher, you need to rethink your individual approach to the game, or make cardinal changes.

Yes, the organization in this regard is great for starting with me … but my prediction: it will not lead to anything good. Yes, players have a 90% chance of making it to Major. Yes, there will be invites after the Major on DreamHack. But the team’s game won’t get any better. The winner is the team whose players are individually stronger in terms of shooting, stability and understanding of the game. Any strategy or meta breaks off with hard, stable shooting – first of all, this is a first person shooter. “

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