Former FaZe coach on NiKo: “He did an insane amount of work to organize people.”

Former FaZe Clan CS: GO mentor Yanko YNk Paunovic admitted that Nikola NiKo Kovacs did a lot of work in the team. In an interview with Duncan Thorin Shields, he also named Marcelo coldzera David’s problem and stated that he still wants to coach.

According to YNk, NiKo was the most important part of the team:

YNk:“He doesn’t watch demo very often, he trusted me in that. But sometimes there was a lot of work, so I told him: “You will prepare one card, and I – the other four,” something like that.

He analyzes the game well, always knows what next step the opponent will take in certain actions. We worked on this a lot before, so that it would be easier for him to call depending on what happened earlier in the match – he did not need to come up with something special, it was enough to predict the opponent’s actions and build the game accordingly.

In this sense, one of his main qualities is communication, in terms of how much he speaks, how often he gives information, etc. He did an insanely large amount of work to organize people. I don’t know how it sounds to others, but this is all incredibly important. ”

Coldzera is unstable due to its changeable mood, says Paunovich:

“Much depends on what mood coldzera is in. When he’s on fire, he becomes a very important part of the team. He also has a lot of experience, he perfectly understands the game. On LAN, he is the source of that very Brazilian fire.

He’s a super emotional guy. He needs to be in good spirits to play well and give 100%. If for some reason he does not feel confident, then he cannot give the maximum. This has been one of the roster’s problems in the past few months. Because of COVID-19, everything has become very strange, motivation has diminished. “

YNk admitted that he has maintained a good relationship with his former teammates. At least until the end of the year, the Serb wants to be inactive, and then he will look for a new team:

“There are no big plans until the end of the year. I was offered to work on a couple of tournaments as an analyst, I might agree. Regarding work as a coach, I already have suggestions, but I prefer to wait until 2021 “.

YNk coached FaZe Clan in 2019-2020. He left the team following NiKo, who joined G2 Esports.

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