Former CS: GO Pro-Player Becomes a Doctor and Fights Coronavirus Now

Former CS: GO professional player from India Gokul dnm Sagar has been re-trained as a doctor. He now works as an ambulance in the UK and is fighting the coronavirus.

Dnm left the professional scene in 2017. At various times, he played for such teams as Entity Gaming and Virtual Impact, and also represented the Indian national team at international tournaments.

After ending his career at CS: GO, Sagar moved to London and began working at the National Health Service (NHS) as a senior clinical staff member. In an interview with AFK Gaming, he said that COVID-19 is a serious problem that is difficult to deal with. Sagar advised gamers not to leave home and not to gather in computer clubs.

By March 27, about 529 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the world. In Russia, the number of cases exceeded one thousand people.

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