Former coach of 100 Thieves: “After IEM Katowice, many expected NAVI to be the number one team.”

Former coach of 100 Thieves Alexander kassad Trifunovic shared his opinion on the current state of the competitive CS: GO scene. He also noted that after winning IEM Katowice 2020, fans expected more from Natus Vincere.

“Obviously, the quality of the games has dropped in comparison with what we are used to seeing at top-tier LAN tournaments. Players perform some kind of random actions, many rounds, won by chance, and not as a result of a good team of the game or the right choice of strategy. This kind of thing happens because players are too confident online, while on LAN things are different. But there is nothing wrong with that, we are destined to play such a CS this year, so we are all in the same boat.

In addition, 90% of teams do not have the opportunity to get together for a bootcamp, so they cannot properly practice or solve their problems in the way they are used to. The North American region suffers especially, as it is difficult for teams to find a rival here and have to play against the same 4-5 teams every event. ”


Trifunovic highlighted the teams that improved their results online, as well as named those who were affected by the changes in the competitive CS: GO scene.

“BIG, Complexity and FURIA impressed me and everyone, although FURIA was good throughout 2019 as well. BIG has caught a wave of confidence, its players are good individually, especially syrsoN and XANTARES. I also think that G2 had a pretty good season.

Mousesports sank in the online era, having such a crazy period before the winter break. The same situation with NAVI – after IEM Katowice many expected them to be the number one team. The same goes for Fnatic, who can’t find their game during these online tournaments. “

Earlier, insider Alexei OverDrive Biryukov said that Valve may change the dates of the ESL One Rio 2020 Major. Instead of the tournament in Brazil, the fourth championship of the RMR series may be organized.

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