Flusha: “Fnatic began to progress with a new psychologist”

Robin flusha Ronkquist explained why he decided to return to Fnatic on CS: GO. According to the Swede, the team has changed with the advent of a psychologist. In an interview with HLTV, the cybersportsman also evaluated the potential of the roster and told what other proposals he had during the inactive.

About returning to Fnatic
“I talked a lot with Jesper JW Wecksell: the guys began to progress with a new psychologist, which bribed me. Now we can work on problems with the attitude that we have had before – this intrigues me. That is the whole reason. And, of course, they are one of my best friends, and Fnatic is also the Swedish team. ”

About career options
“Of course, there were other suggestions. In fact, in Sweden there are very few players and teams, so there is almost nothing to choose from. One of the opportunities that I had was to gather players and create my own team. The proposals of other groups did not suit me. ”

About composition
“This roster is similar to the one that was with Jonas Lekr0 Olofsson. The only difference is Ludwig Brollan Brolin is more aggressive than Lekr0 in those days. I think this was not enough for us then. Now all five participants fit perfectly into the team. In addition, we know each other well, we are returning to familiar conditions, only now Maikil Golden Selim has more achievements: he really has become a stronger leader. ”

In mid-September, flusha, who had not performed on the professional stage for six months, transferred to Fnatic. On lease terms from Cloud9, the composition was also replenished by the ex-captain of the Golden team.

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