Flamie: “People are always motivated when they can be replaced”

Natus Vincere player Egor flamie Vasiliev spoke about the expansion of Valery B1t Vakhovsky’s map pool in the CS: GO starting lineup. In an interview with ESL, he noted that he was ready for such changes.

Vasiliev noted that now NAVI is testing different options for the distribution of roles. Whether the current division of the map pool between flamie and B1t will remain is still unknown.

“After losing the last tournament, we talked, decided to try something new and see if it would work. Let’s see what happens next, but so far everything is so – we and B1t play three cards each. Perhaps something will change in the future.

This solution was fine for me. Even when B1t just joined us and started playing on Inferno, I realized that at some point he would need to play on other maps in order to understand how he and the whole team would show themselves in different conditions. I was ready for this. Now I just need to play well and win. That’s all I want. ”

According to flamie, the situation with the expansion of the B1t map pool does not affect him too much. Vasiliev noted that he only wants to play and win.

“I think people are always motivated when they realize that they can be replaced. Of course, now I have more motivation [to play better] than before. But I don’t really think about it – I just want to play, show the best results and win. “

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