Flamie: “Everyone in the CIS wants to beat us and show that they play well and train for a reason”

Natus Vincere CS: GO player Yegor flamie Vasiliev explained why his team is having problems with opponents from the CIS. In an interview with ESL studio, he said that the rosters from this region aim to defeat NAVI, while the team itself does not train with local rosters.

Vasiliev added that there are many talented players in the CIS who find it easier to play online. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for NAVI to adapt to a different style and resist strong shooters in a comfortable environment.

“The difference is that we always play against tier 1 / tier 2 teams at major tournaments, and they play a little differently. We adapt to their style and never train with CIS squads. They believe they can win and are very eager to do so. Their goal is to beat us, because we are the strongest team in the region. Everyone in the CIS wants to beat us and show that they play well and train for a reason. There are a lot of strong players in our region – online they show themselves even better, because they don’t feel any pressure. That is why it is difficult for us in matches with local teams. “

Natus Vincere defeated Cyber ​​Legacy and K23 at the group stage of IEM New York 2020. In the next meeting, the flamie team will compete with Virtus.pro. Earlier, NAVI captain Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov called VP the most difficult of the team’s remaining rivals at this stage of the championship.

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