Flamie: “AUG is good, but not on all maps”

Natus Vincere CS: GO roster member Yegor flamie Vasiliev explained why he started using AUG again in official matches. In an interview at the ESL Pro League Season 12 broadcast, he also told why Alexander s1mple Kostylev and Denis electronic Sharipov are absent from the bootcamp.

According to flamie, AUG can be useful in gunfights at all distances, but not on all maps. At the same time, Vasiliev called the rate of fire the main problem of the rifle.

“I also thought AUG dropped out of the meta, but then I noticed that others were using it. Later I watched how s1mple played with her, and realized that this is a great weapon. He destroyed everyone with the AUG, both in training and in official matches. This weapon works well at short range because it can kill with one headshot, but the rate of fire is far from ideal. On Nuke and Train it can be used at long distances thanks to the scope, so the AUG is good, but not on all maps.

Sasha said that he cannot play from the bootcamp, and at home he feels much better. We didn’t force him to come. Electronic went home to his wife and daughter because he hadn’t seen them in months. He, too, is much better at home. Perfecto, Boombl4 and I didn’t mind staying three of us at the bootcamp with B1ad3 – he teaches us and points out mistakes, it’s harder to work online. “

Since September 1, Natus Vincere have been playing at ESL Pro League Season 12. The team beat GODSENT and BIG, but lost to ENCE eSports.

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