Flamie about GuardiaN: “He is in great shape”

Egor flamie Vasiliev named the main goals of the composition of Natus Vincere CS: GO in the near future. In an interview, the Russian also assessed the progress of Ladislav GuardiaN Kovacs and spoke about the new gaming approach of NAVI.

According to flamie, in total NAVI trained more than three weeks.

“About ten days we trained online, and then went to Berlin for a two-week bootcamp. Throughout the year we had a very busy tournament schedule, so there wasn’t much time for training, but maybe two or three cards were played. Recently we worked on all the cards we play on, the main goal is to expand the mappool and come up with new rounds

We tried to play from skill, and now, first of all, we are trying to develop a command component. Individual skill is also important, we strive to maintain it at a high level.

Gradually GuardiaN remembers the language. The sniper in our team has many specific roles, so he needs to memorize them in Russian. In the first couple of months, this was difficult. He really is trying his best and wants to win. Those who say that he is an old man who has lost interest in the game are mistaken. I think he is in great shape and can play even better, return to the level of 2015, when he was a god. “

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