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Fitch‘s contract with Gambit Esports came to the end. Information about this appeared in the official Twitter-account of the player. At the moment he is at the stage of choosing new team. Now the player is open to real market offers.

Fitch has been presenting Gambit Esports since last summer. In February of this year, he was transferred to reserve due to unsatisfactory gaming of the team at ELEAGUE Major 2018. Gambit could not even reach the playoffs. Since spring, Fitch has been auditioning for Tengri as part of a lease agreement between organizations. Probably, he will continue playing in this lineup if there are no other weighty proposals.

Future lineup of Tengri:

  1. Ramz1k
  2. Pachanga
  3. SNK-
  4. kamaz1k
  5. Fitch

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