Fer refused to sign a contract with BOOM Esports

CS:GO player Fernando fer Alvarenga announced that he has no plans to continue playing under the BOOM Esports tag.

In a conversation with streamer Alejandro gAuLeS Chiketa, the esportsman noted that he was not satisfied with the terms of the contract, given his plans to end his career. Alvarenga said that he turned down the BOOM offer, including because he did not know about this club before signing the CS:GO roster. Whether there were other moments that the esportsman did not like is unknown.

At the same time, the Brazilian player noted that he would not mind playing in the current composition of the club, but he has no time to develop a team that does not yet claim to win major championships. Fer added that he is ready to retire if he does not receive other offers. In this case, he wants to become a streamer in order to avoid criticism and not lose a stable income from what he loves.

At the same time, the cybersportsman planned to perform on the professional CS: GO stage for several more years. In early December fer joined BOOM as a standin. With the team, he became the FiReLEAGUE Global Finals champion. The team received $ 45 thousand for the victory. Earlier, Alvarenga played in the rosters of Gabriel FalleN Toledo for Keyd Stars, Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming and MIBR.

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