Fer on kNgV‑: “Fans see him as the savior of the MIBR, but he knows that it’s not.”

Fernando fer Alvarenga praised Vito kNgV-Giuseppe’s performance as part of the MIBR at the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 on CS: GO. In an interview with HLTV, he noted that it is still difficult for a newcomer to cope with responsibility, but he is already starting to get used to the team.

“KNgV has a very peculiar playing style, this is a very unusual guy. Now FalleN helps him and cedes the role of a sniper so that he feels confidence in the composition. We let kNgV- do whatever he wants, but the team has a structure to which he has to adapt. But I don’t think that his not-so-impressive performance in Moscow depended on it. Just for him, this competition was the first in the MIBR. KNgV- has a big responsibility, because fans see him as the savior of the team, but he knows that this is not so.

His performance at BLAST was not bad, he communicated well during the matches. I think kNgV- copes with its tasks perfectly and is gradually getting used to the team. In time, he will be ready to destroy everyone. ”

MIBR signed kNgV- at the beginning of September 2019. As part of it, he replaced coldzera, who left the team in July. BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 was the first championship for the updated roster. The team took last place and earned $ 15 thousand.

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