Fans raised over $ 6,000 in donations for judges who exposed CS: GO coaches

The CS:GO community decided to thank the judges Michal Slowinski and Steve Dudenheffer, who identified the coaches who used the camera bug. Players and organizations started raising money for two enthusiasts.

The investigation carried out by the judges was not part of their job and they were not entitled to any remuneration for it. To thank Slowinski and Dudenheffer, the community launched a crowdfunding campaign, which raised more than $ 6.5 thousand per day. The FLASHPOINT League announced that it would transfer $ 1,500 to each of the referees. ESL also spoke about the remuneration for judges, but the company did not specify a specific amount.

A bug with a camera in CS: GO, which allowed tracking the location of opponents, became known on the night of September 1, when ESL and DreamHack banned Hard Legion Esports, Heroic and MIBR coaches for using it in their tournaments. Mentors received different blocking periods – from six months to two years. The ESL referees clearly showed in which matches the coaches used the camera bug.

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