FalleN: “KNgV- is gradually finding its style in the team”

Gabriel FalleN Toledo described how Vito kNgV- Giuseppe adapts to the CSIB: MIBR roster style. In an interview with HLTV.org, the team captain noted that he himself had to learn new things due to a change in position.

“KNgV- it was very difficult to join the team, because his role was already taken. We had to adapt. I try to constantly learn, because playing with automatic rifles in some situations requires knowledge and skills that I simply don’t have yet. Perhaps I will never shoot as accurately as other players, but I try to be useful and win with the help of competent actions.

KNgV- gradually finds his style in the team. I would say that initially it was hard for him, because he replaced me with a sniper position – the fans immediately put too much responsibility on him. But inside the team, everything is fine: we support it in all ways.

This is a player who is never lost during a match. He has all the necessary leadership qualities and skills to lead the team behind him, so I like everything. We try to make him the best version of himself. For example, I would like him to learn a couple of things from me. Previously, I played the role of support even with AWP: starting and ending rounds, covering teammates and throwing flash drives. Of course, in this regard, our styles are different, but we are trying to combine experience. “

MIBR signed kNgV- at the beginning of September 2019. In the roster he replaced coldzera, who left the team in July

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