FalleN became the in-game leader of Team Liquid

Brazilian newcomer to Team Liquid’s CS: GO roster Gabriel FalleN Toledo has taken on the role of in-game leader. His teammate Keith NAF Markovich spoke about this in an interview with ESL studio.

“The problem for our team has always been that we didn’t have a classic sniper and we didn’t have a classic IGL. After our last performances, we are trying to transfer FalleN to the position of in-game captain. ”

“FalleN has a lot more experience considering his past in previous teams and the way he plays in CS. It brings and creates new ideas that we can think about. Outside the game, he also gives us confidence that we are one, that we are a team. “

Previously, Jake Stewie2k Yip served as the in-game leader in the team. In January, FalleN announced that the American had no plans to leave the role.

On February 16, Team Liquid qualified for the main part of IEM Katowice 2021. Toledo’s roster won both matches in the Play-In stage and advanced to the group stage, which starts on February 18.

Team Liquid

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