FalleN: “A player from FURIA is unlikely to enter MIBR”

Gabriel FalleN Toledo said that FURIA eSports players refused to move to MIBR. In an interview with HLTV, the Brazilian said that while the team pays more attention to work on themselves, than to search for the fifth member of the team.

“We have several options. We can find a young player whom no one expects to see in our team, and try to build everything around him. We can return someone who has already spoken with us, or choose an experienced e-sportsman who has not been in our team yet. In the end, we can choose a player from another team, even if he is not really and wants to move into the MIBR.

There are lots of options, but we are not thinking too much about it yet. Now it is more important to restructure those who are already in the composition. We need to return the desire to win. So far we are doing it – fer, for example, is already showing a great game. He likes the roster, his character has changed. The same can be said about the rest. Until the end of the major, we will understand ourselves, and only then look for the fifth player.

We wanted to take players from FURIA, because earlier this approach had already worked. The problem is that they want to remain in the current lineup, continue this project. They believe in their organization, so they don’t want to leave – we respect that. The player from FURIA is unlikely to enter MIBR. Unless they have something changed, but I do not believe that this will happen. “

On July 12, Marcelo coldzera David moved to the MIBR reserve at his own request. As part of his temporarily replaced coach zews.

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