FACEIT banned several hundred people because of an exploit – the Polish youtuber spoke about it

The FACEIT administration has blocked several hundred accounts that have used an exploit that allows you to better hear opponents on the map. The Polish youtuber Mefju23, who releases videos on CS: GO, spoke about a way to amplify sounds.

The exploit consisted in editing the Soundmixers.txt file – in it you can change the parameters of some sound effects, including the steps of other players. Despite the fact that Mefiju23 warned the audience about the possible consequences of using his scheme, many ignored the words of youtuber. On April 25, she began massively banning accounts that used the Mefju23 scheme – about 400 accounts were blocked with the wording “using cheats / game exploits”.

As soon as the blogger found out what had happened, he apologized to the audience. Mefju23 noted that he himself does not play FACEIT and warned that they could be banned for this. However, he still admitted that he was partly to blame for what had happened.

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