FACEIT Banned Over 1,000 CS: GO Players For Using Smoke Grenade Bug

Over 1.1 thousand FACEIT players have been banned for exploiting a smoke grenade vulnerability in CS: GO. This was announced by the head of the platform Milos Mikey Nedelkovic.

Users have found that renaming one of the CS: GO files allows them to ignore the smoke grenade animation: it only appears when you get close. The bug can be activated during a private match, but if you don’t restart the client after that, it will persist in matches on FACEIT.

FACEIT plans to continue monitoring players who exploit this bug and will ban unscrupulous users. Whether Valve will fix the bug is unknown.

Previously, the CS: GO developers released an update that fixed several bugs related to the “trust mode”. For example, crashes from the game that appeared due to the interaction of third-party programs with the shooter were eliminated.

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