ESL Pro League Season 11 Highlights

Last weekend ended the eleventh season of ESL Pro League Season 11 CS: GO, which was forced to take place online. The tournament showed that some teams were not ready to play online, while others lacked a LAN. About the ambiguous performance of Natus Vincere, the best players and who will be most affected by the nerf SG553 – in our material.

Let’s start with Europe. Here, as always, the struggle was incredibly dense. Only G2 Esports was a little disappointing, which after the most beautiful IEM Katowice 2020 did not pass even the first EPL group stage. But do not forget that the KennyShenba Shraba team fell into the “death group” with FaZe and mouz, so it’s too early to judge whether the team has passed the peak form.

If you look not at the final standings, but at a series of victories and the difference between won / lost rounds, Astralis showed impressive results. The Danes, although they took only third place, but in the vast majority of matches, they performed very collectively and in an organized manner. Still: from July no one is guaranteed a place in the first team – Patrick es3tag Hansen will be ready to rush into the replacement at any time.

Otherwise, as usual, first-class CS was shown by Fnatic and mousesports, periodically by FaZe and NAVI, but the latter lacked stability. ENCE eSports, Complexity Gaming, North and BIG were disappointed: they still could not compete with the top 10 teams. Under the question mark Team Vitality and Ninjas in Pajamas: the former have just recently lost their leader, and the latter have not yet figured out how to play without Patrick f0rest Lindbergh.

There was a very intense fight in America, and this is not surprising: matches between local teams are always extremely unpredictable, because they know each other too well.

EG are still in a dismantled state: at the end of last year, it seemed that they could become the new top-1 of North America, because for this there was everything – a good captain, a proven trainer, and in addition to them – world-class statistics, which once it helped Cloud9 take the home major. But as it turned out, Chet ImAPet Sin did not work with Peter stanislaw Yarguz and Tarik tarik Tselik. As a result, EG took Wilton zews Prado, but whether he will help the roster is a big question: in MIBR, for example, it did not work out.

Against the background of other participants, FURIA Esports showed itself quite well – the best Brazilian team at the moment (sorry, FalleN). Inappropriately in this tournament, she lost only Swole Patrol.

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