ESL and Valve can launch franchise league for CS: GO – slots in it will cost $ 2 million

Tournament operator ESL and Valve are negotiating the creation of a franchise league for CS: GO, in which slots will cost $ 2 million each, said Antonio Meitz, CEO of CR4ZY Serbian organization. Companies have not commented on this information.

Such a system is used in some other eSports disciplines – for example, in League of Legends and Overwatch. According to rumors, a Blizzard shooter slot in the league cost from $ 25 million.

If a team acquires a slot in a franchise league, then it retains a place in it until the expiration of the contract, regardless of the results. The organizers also pay participants part of the profit from the tournament.

In 2018, CEO of Cloud9 Jack Etienne asked Valve to introduce a franchise system in CS: GO. In his opinion, this will facilitate the planning of competitions for all tournament operators.

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