ESIC fined Team Vitality $ 10 thousand for streamsniping

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) issued Team Vitality a $ 10,000 fine for streaming sniping during CS: GO fights. This was announced on Twitter by the organization. Its representatives did not specify in favor of whom the money would be paid.

The violation was recorded during the 11 November 2020 matches against Team Liquid and Complexity Gaming. The broadcast was broadcast on a TV set behind the players in the recreation area at the Vitality training base. ESIC noted that it is impossible to confirm from the videos they have that the team used this to gain an advantage, so the commission was limited to only a fine without disqualification.

According to Nicholas Mauler, CEO of the organization, the team didn’t take advantage of this. He also noted that the club will pay a fine and agree that there really was a violation of the rules.

Earlier, ESIC banned 35 esports players for playing the sweepstakes for up to five years. According to the rules, esports players are prohibited from wagering on any competitions under the auspices of the commission, no matter whether the player’s team participates in a particular event.


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