ENCE signed two HAVU players – one of them will become the new coach

The Finnish esports organization ENCE eSports announced changes in the CS: GO roster – Jonas doto Fross and Eetu sAw Saha have joined the team. Earlier, newcomers ENCE represented HAVU Gaming – the second Finnish team in the shooter from Valve.

Doto will play in the main roster instead of Jani Aerial Jussila, who recently went intoactive due to health problems. The ENCE management has already signed a two-year contract with the newcomer. As for sAw, in HAVU he played the role of captain, but in ENCE he took the position of a coach. Previously, the club’s mentor was Slaava Twista Ryasanen, but he was banned by ESIC for using a coaching camera bug in an official match. After this incident, the club’s management transferred Ryasanen to the position of an analyst.

The renewed ENCE roster will debut at IEM Beijing Online 2020. Matches in the European region will be held on November 6-22. There, 16 teams will compete for a prize pool of $ 150,000, ESL Pro Tour points and a slot at IEM XV – Global Challenge. The champion will get $ 60 thousand.

ENCE eSports
sAw (coach)

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