ENCE players caught cheating rivals at the tournament from Red Bull – offenders have not yet been punished

ENCE eSports CS: GO members played a match against cheaters at the Red Bull Flick tournament. The game was played on the FACEIT platform, where it has its own anti-cheat, but the violators have not yet received blocking. The story was told on reddit.

Red Bull Flick is a two-on-two tournament with unusual rules. Players need to defend the point for 45 seconds in order to win: after death, cybersportsmen are reborn. Among the participants of the championship were representatives of ENCE eSports — Alexi allu Jalli and Elias Jamppi Olkkonen.

The incident occurred in a decisive qualification match: the duo jezayyy and woldes met with ENCE and won with a score of 3: 1. At the same time, unnatural patterns of their shooting are visible on the recording of the stream.

Reddit users found jezayyy and woldes profiles and found out that one of the players has many banned accounts. At the same time, FACEIT has not yet blocked cheaters.

Red Bull issued an official statement regarding the incident and blamed FACEIT. Representatives of the platform have not yet made a final decision, but one of the administrators said: “If they [jezayyy and woldes] used cheats, the anti-cheat will ban them.” Apparently, the organizers will announce the final decision in the near future.

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