Electronic: “When LAN-tournaments return, our game will absolutely change”

CS: GO roster player Natus Vincere Denis electronic Sharipov summed up the team’s performance in the group stage of WePlay! Clutch Island. He also explained why the team’s results online and offline are so different.

“The group stage was not so easy for us as expected. We lost the first match, we did not expect to lose it. We gathered for this RMR tournament very tightly and want to show that it was not in vain that the top 1 was. Moreover, we really want to go to the most important tournament – to the major. This is our main goal, and we will do our best to achieve it. ”

Sharipov noted that NAVI players made mistakes in various micro-moments and are already working on them.

“I think that at some point the players began to doubt themselves, that is, they lost confidence and because of this they made stupid mistakes, they didn’t get grenades. Any such micro-moments, which then have serious consequences. These errors do not have the right to make us a top-1 team, which is why we fell in the ranking. At this stage, we are trying to fix this, and we succeed. When LAN tournaments return, our game will absolutely change. I think we just lack this LAN hype, which we are all so used to. “

NAVI finished second in Group B on WePlay! Clutch Island and advanced to the playoff tournament. In the first match they will play with Nemiga Gaming.

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