Electronic about s1mple: “For me, he is the best player in the world, and his expectations must also match his level.”

Natus Vincere CS: GO player Denis electronic Sharipov said that Alexander s1mple Kostylev changed after Daniil Zeus Teslenko left. In an interview with the former captain, Sharipov said that Kostylev stopped being nervous when the team makes stupid mistakes.

“When you left the team, Sanya, it seems to me, changed globally. Globally, this is probably a strong saying, but at least in some stupid situations that occur in the game. It is clear that he is very demanding. For me he is the best player in the world. And his expectations should also correspond to his level. Have you watched The Last Dance? Do you remember what you said about Jordan? I looked – I clearly saw Sanya in him. That is, he is very demanding, let’s say. “

Electronic also told how Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov copes with the leadership role. He noted that Mikhailov lacks self-confidence in the game plan.

“BoombI4 is progressing, learning every day. Its strong quality is determination, I think. When he really wants something, he will do everything to achieve it. It seems to me that another of his good qualities is that he is not quick-tempered. It seems to me even on my own that if I am the captain in the future, I will be an emotional captain. Of course, BoombI4 is the leader. But he needs to learn, to become a stronger leader. He lacks more self-confidence to feel like a captain in a game plan. I cannot say, but it seems to me that he has doubts. And to be a full-fledged leader, he needs to have self-confidence as a captain in the game. “

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